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Posted in by Administrator on the July 25th, 2011

I have figured out how to post from my phone, so I might start posting more regularly!
So much has been happening: I have been up to my ears getting Jane’s Delicious Garden Planner up and running

This is a downloadable planner that let’s you map or design your exact garden on your PC. You then drag and drop the vegetable icons onto the beds, with the correct spacings indicated. Each plant has a clickable link to show you sowing and planting info. The programme also includes a personalised planting plan based on your garden plan plus an update every two weeks on what you should be planting and doing in your garden.
It is already up and running but the planting info is still being updated to SA – it should all be done within the next week. In the meantime it is ready if you want to start planning/drawing up your veggie gardens.

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