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Yoghurt making tips.

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the June 7th, 2020
Humans have been making yoghurt for thousands of years – probably since they discovered that milk fermented while being carried in bags on the backs of camels.

Yoghurt is simple to make – but there are are few tips to making really smooth thick yoghurt.

* Heat 2 litres of full cream milk very slowly until it reaches 90°C (If you heat it too quickly the yoghurt will be grainy.)

* If you want thick yoghurt, hold it at 90°C for ten minutes. When casein (protein) in milk is exposed to the lactic acid created by culturing, it unravels and forms a 3D net, thickening the yoghurt. By heating the milk, another protein (lactoglobulin) is denatured, enabling it to connect to the 3D net, making the yoghurt thicker. The extended heat denatures most of the lactoglobulin.

* Remove from the heat and cool to 40°C.

* Mix the milk with a good few dollops of plain yoghurt (one with lactobacillus bacteria, not gelatine!).

* Keep in a warm spot overnight in a cooler box or an oven when you have finished cooking. If you have a slow cooker or a pressure cooker that doubles as a slow cooker they are very efficient.

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