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Time for Summer Salads

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the October 17th, 2019

I just love creating salad platters. The possibilities are endless. Tonight’s deliciousness was a bed of mixed greens, papaya, cherry tomatoes, sliced rib eye (from Boomplaats Organic Farm) toasted cumin, Gorgonzola from Linden’s Cheese Gourmet and edible flowers. served with herbed couscous.

Papaya and rib eye salad.

Pick a mix of greens (watercress, rocket, lettuce, nasturtium leaves) and spread out on a platter. On top spread the following evenly:

  • Chopped cucumber, papaya and cherry tomatoes.
  • Sliced rib eye (with a spice rib of: dried oregano and thyme, pul biber, salt, pepper, cumin, sugar and a touch of ground coffee.)
  • Toasted cumin seeds
  • Crumbled Gorgonzola
  • Rose petals, nasturtium and watercress flowers
  • Crispy sun dried onion sprinkles.

Dress with olive oil, balsamic glaze and lemon juice.

Herbed couscous

  • Pour boiling water over couscous (equal proportions). Leave to absorb.
  • Chop basil, mint and celery.
  • Mix herbs with olive oil, sea salt and pul biber. Muddle to blend and extract herb flavour.
  • Add to couscous, using a fork to fluff it up.

Yum yum yum!

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