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H├╝gelkultur – sort of!

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the May 16th, 2019

Years ago I created a vegetable garden for my Dad, whose back was starting to give him trouble. I used an upturned swimming pool pump cover placed on an old table. Instead of filling the entire volume with costly growing medium, I filled the curved base with a thick layer of branches pruned from a Pride of India. These were covered with a deep layer of fertile growing medium. A year or so later my Mom said she “didn’t know what was going on with Dad’s vegetable garden. It’s full of Pride of India saplings! Where could they have come from?” ­čĄú

Fast forward to this week in my garden. I have two new lovely raised beds from Rain Queen.

I have been reading about h├╝gelkultur and thought I’d try a version in my new raised beds. But I remembered my experience with Dad’s garden, so I used well aged logs. We split them and packed the base with them (positioned vertically) and covered them with leaves, wetting and squishing them to fill the gaps.

This filled the raised beds about two thirds. I dribbled EM over the logs (Effective Micro organisms) and added some mycorrhizal fungi. The EM will encourage the logs to break down and the fungi will help the plantsÔÇÖ roots take up more nutrients.

I then covered the logs with a rich layer of compost, coco peat and Fertilis, with some Talborne Vita Veg mixed in.

And planted up the raised bed with seedlings.

I love experimenting with new ways of doing things. We will see how this one grows!!