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Stir fried rice with a difference

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the March 16th, 2018

Stir fried rice is one of my comfort foods. From a simple snack of just rice and egg, to a far more robust meal with cashew nuts, chicken and loads of vegetables, it is always satisfying. 

Tonight I mixed it up a bit and created a different version – and it was deeeelicious!! A vegetable stir fry topped with crispy egg rice, with a chilli sauce sprinkled on top. 

Start by making the chilli sauce:

  • Finely chop a jalapeƱo or two and put in a bowl with the seeds. Add 3 Tbs of fish sauce, juice of one lime and 1.5 Tbs Verjuice (or sugar dissolved in hot water). Set aside for flavours to develop. 

Stir fry the vegetables (you can use any you have)

  • Slice long purple eggplants into thin rounds and stir fry in peanut oil 
  • Add cubes of zucchini and slivers of garlic. Stir fry. 
  • Add kernels of one sweet corn and a sliced black mushroom. 
  • Add soy sauce to taste and sprinkle with Japanese chilli (nanami togarashi) to taste. 
  • Add roughly chopped cabbage. 
  • Remove from heat and keep warm. 

For the crispy rice:

  • Heat peanut oil in a wok. Over lowish heat add cooked long grain rice. Cook, stirring often,until it begins to turn brown. 
  •  Whisk two eggs  with a fork and add a dollop or two of soy sauce.  
  • Pour eggs over rice and turn heat up slightly. Keep stirring, scraping egg and rice mixture off the bottom of the pan as it cooks, until the egg is completely cooked. Add crisp fried onions and stir through.

Serve vegetables in the bottom of a bowl, topped with the rice. Sprinkle with the chilli sauce to taste. 

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