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Delicious Garden Planner, spring & chickens!

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the July 25th, 2011

I have very bizeee! Again. Spring is just around the corner so it has been time to sow seeds and get my garden ready for the warmth that is just around the corner. Keith has been handymanning. I have been wanting a chicken tractor for ages and it is becoming a reality. A double storey A frame it is being built using all recycled material. The only thing we will have to buy is the chickens – maybe I can barter for them!
The other mission I have been on is finalising Jane’s Delicious Garden Planner. This is an amazing piece of software developed by Grow Veg in the UK. I have been busy adapting it for South Africa. ┬áThis planner let’s you draw up an exact plan of your garden, with very user friendly tools. Then simply drag and drop your vegetables and herbs into the beds. Add to that a personalised garden plan based on your garden, plus loads of info on all the vegetables, the planner is a valuable addition to your garden basket. Test it out for free here p

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