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Autumn Ahoy . . .

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the March 22nd, 2011

And so we go into autumn. Potatoes are harvested, walnuts are shelled and brassicas are going into the beds. But – I am still harvesting tomatoes, egggplants, squash, beans and more. Hopefully for another month or so too. I love the in between seasons, the sun has lost its bite and change is in the air.

Here are a few pics from the garden in the last few weeks.

This is an Italian heirloom marrow – I have harvested about ten to twelve a week for months now. I think I could write a book on 101 ways to cook a marrow!

My jungle . . .

. . . which the bees love . . .

. . . and the ladybirds.

You will never see potatoes these shapes in the supermarket.

Looks like an Easter egg hunt . . .

Still plenty of eggplants growing bigger.

And yellow gems.

Last of the tomatoes which will ripen in the next few days

Beans and tomatoes twining together.

Beautiful sage.