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Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the November 16th, 2010

After all this activity we needed some R & R. I hadn’t planned anything – other than wanting to go up the West Coast as I had never been there. Keith has but it was a while ago and he hadn’t really explored the area near Langebaan.

My Garden Angels must have been listening to my West Coast intention because they quickly organised things for me. I had brought some seeds down for Kevin French, who had emailed me a while back about battling to find amaranth. He attended the workshop and afterwards he happened to overhear me talking about going up to Church Haven. I had never heard of this place up the West Coast – until recently when a friend mentioned it as well worth visiting. Kevin then asked where we were staying in Church Haven and I replied I hadn’t had a chance to even go online and look but I was planning to. Well of course he just happened to have a house there which was available. What I didn’t realise until later, is that Church Haven only has very few houses – and even fewer available to non residents. My Garden Angels had been busy.

A few days later we were in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

Situated in a national park, just south of Langebaan, this tiny fishing village overlooks the lagoon, with its ever changing tidal patterns, flamingoes and other birds.

The water is warm enough for swimming and wonderfully calm.

Yet just a short hop over a spit of land is the the ferocious and freezing Atlantic.

We knew we were in for a wonderful stay when the first thing we saw as we drove in was a karakul, hunting for dinner.

Thank you thank you Kevin and Linde for creating such a beautiful house which reflects its surroundings so perfectly.

Built using local materials and traditional techniques, West of The Moon has warm wooden floors and ceilings, contrasting the cool white walls.

It is furnished with an eclectic mix of antiques and fabrics

and scattered throughout are enamel jugs, plates and wash bowls.

Even the taps are antique.

Solar power, large fireplaces and an ancient gas cooker complete the picture. This is a house created with love. Click here for their Facebook page and to contact Kevin about renting this piece of heaven.

Here are a few pics from the surrounding area:
An isolated house on the top of a mammoth rock above the lagoon.

Soaking up the sun . . . spring in the Cape is cold!

Eggs on legs . . . !!

You know you are in a game reserve when . . .

We then trundled further up the coast to Paternoster. We stayed at a beach house belonging to a friend of Kevin’s (My Garden Angels busy connecting the dots again . . . ). Here is a link to this spot

This comfy spot is a blink away from the beach where the daily catch is hauled in.

Loved the “4 x 4”!

Delicious food and picaresque coastline.
Gorgeous flowers to photograph . . .

In amongst HUGE rocks

Keith’s mysterious lighthouse . . .

And then Keith caught the sun . . .

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