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Cape Town swirl

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the March 19th, 2010

Cape Town was beautiful. Well, Cape Town is always beautiful! We arrived in the middle of the heatwave and hit the beach for a glorious swim on our way out to Pringle Bay. We spent two nights there with our beautiful friend Ali (forget Naples – she makes the BEST pizzas, go to her restaurant Perigators and try one . . .) Ali was still fuming over a baboon invasion at her house the week before. They had broken a window and proceeded to cause absolute havoc. Yuk! Ali is busy creating a garden full of meandering streams interwoven with lots of rocks and indigenous plants. Can’t wait to see it finished.
A Cape style lunch . . .
And after the lunch . . .

We visited the penguins near Pringle Bay on the way back from lunch . . .

On Wednesday we went through to CT to Starke Ayers Garden Centre for the CT launch of my book. This Garden Centre is situated in such an amazing location at the foot of Devils Peak in Rondebosch. What a pleasure to have the CT book launch at a spot with such a glorious view!
It was very well attended and it was good to see some old school friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen since I was 17!

The next day also produced a face I hadn’t seen in many years. Debbie Lamprecht (now Hancox) and I were at UCT together and lost touch when I graduated in ’82. It was wonderful to see her again and connect with that same joyous energy which made us such good friends all those years ago. So it was a great delight (and I promise I did not rig it!) to pull her name out of the hat for the giveaway of my book after the workshop!

Big thanks to Marion Siebrits, the Manager of the Centre for all her organising of both events.
Thanks also to Talborne who gave away bags of organic fertiliser to people who bought my book. I laughed at my friend Mark who, after waiting in the queue, sat down and cheerfully asked for his bag of fertiliser to be signed as well as his copy of my book!!!
It wasn’t the only odd thing I signed that night. After the launch we went to some friends nearby. A friend of a friend popped a bowl of yellow cherry tomatoes onto the dinner table, telling us they were grown by his wife “who had started to grow her own veggies after reading this amazing local book…”! After then being introduced to me as the author, I signed one his wife’s cherry tomatoes to send back to her!

We stayed for a few days with our friend Sue Jowell, an artist who creates beautiful mirrors amongst other things. We felt like we were in a treehouse at her new spot at Clovelly. We managed to squeeze in a visit to my 90-year-old Aunt Margaret, who is still going strong and is an inspiration. We drove back to Sue’s via Chapman’s Peak. I haven’t driven along there for years and it is still one of my favourite roads in the world. Especially at sunset.
We were treated to a superb meal at the Savoy Cabbage by my publishers, Sunbird. So far I have only met Ceri in person and have been dealing with the others via email and phone. It was a pleasure to meet them all. I am lucky to be published by such dynamic, smart and down-to-earth team.

Then it was off the Stellenbosch. After noodling around the Stellenbosch market, which was full of yummy food and delectables, we met up with my cousin Audrey. She and her family live on a smallholding near Sellenbosch, with a magnificent view of the mountains. We picked apples from her trees, small, crunchy and delicious. I am planning to find space to plant an apple tree now! As the sun set, other cousins arrived, including Kiwi who I hadn’t seen for more than 30 years. We gathered around the table to eat slow roasted lamb with fresh rosemary and lemon from Audie’s garden, drink wine, reminisce and laugh the night away.

I have had two invitations as a result of this visit to return for other events, so Cape Town, it won’t be a long before we are back.