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“Money Come” Dragon

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the February 26th, 2010

And another month has nearly gone by. And a busy month it has been. I had this silly idea that all the publicity for the book would tail off now it’s last year’s book. Not a chance. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Jenny Cryss Williams, asking if I’d like to join her “for a chat” to the Jhb Garden Club. The “chat” turned out to be to about 100 members in a gorgeous, flowing garden. The microphone refused to work and we had to compete with the singing frogs in the stream behind us. The other guest Jenny had invited was Claire Reid, who has invented a very user and environmentally friendly method of growing veg. Have a look at her page:

Early in Feb I received a call from Jenny’s’ producer asking if she could chat to me on her show that afternoon about my blog. Turned out she wanted to talk about the VEG project. Whenever I am on Jenny’s show I see the traffic to my web site shoot up. Which then led to a journalist calling the next day, wanting to do an article on VEG for Business Day. These things seem to leap frog off one another. (For more on VEG, scroll down to previous posts – I haven’t figured out how to link older posts to this one!!)

A friend who I met walking dogs in the park has a girlfriend who works for a TV show. He gave her a copy of my book. The TV show is called Let’s Chat with Mel. Not long after she received my book, I was invited to come on the show to be interviewed by Mel. I arrived at my appointed time to go into make-up. I couldn’t believe how much they put on my face!
I work in television but do very little studio shooting, so this was different. They kept on reassuring me it would look natural under the lights. But for some one who wears very little make-up, I think my definition of ‘natural’ was a little different to theirs! You be the judge. The interview airs on 3 March, 8.00pm on DSTV Channel 110.

I gave a talk to the Randburg Garden Club this month and one member was celebrating her birthday. She recited a poem about growing old which was delightful. Here is a link to the poem. I am going to learn the poem to recite at my birthdays!

Big audience!
Signing books

Hillary Biller, a journalist on the Sunday Times (she used to be Angela Day for many years on the Star, so she knows about food) interviewed me last week for an article in the Lifestyle section. It will be on three women who have all written books on their veg gardens. I think it will be published this Sunday.

Gardens of the Golden City had a number of wonderful summer gardens on show this month. The first one I visited was Lesley Lewis’ garden in Victory Park. As I walked in she recognised me (something I am still getting used to . . . ) and took me on a walk through her vegetable garden. It was so rewarding seeing my methods being used on a larger scale and working so well.
Her vegetable garden was the best part of all the open gardens!
This sweetly scented snail vine was growing over her archways.
Lesley found a seedling for me to dig up which is now growing up one of my arches

Tosca is growing inches every day it seems.

No longer a ball of fluff, she is now a little dog. A mishievous little dog. She has discovered the joys of wading on top of the pool (which has been covered up for ages – I am planning to turn it into a natural pond, which Keith groans about whenever I mention it!) Sharp little teeth are useful for chewing holes in the netting so you can get under and paddle.

She loves her walks in the park with her big sister.
I get a kiss for carrying her across the mud – this is when she was still little enough to carry.
She also loves mango and water melon!
And loves her sister . . .

In amongst all of the above, I have managed to keep my garden growing. I have a round, yellow squash plant which I have to pick from every day otherwise I land up with a soccer balls.
The beans are still producing – my yin yang beans have been prolific and are quite beautiful.
I will give some to my various seed suppliers so they can propagate them and pass them on. Eggplant, tomatoes and greens continue in abundance.

Yesterday, in my vegetable garden under some rampant growth, I discovered a present a friend gave me a while ago. It was one of those red dragons you see in Chinese shops, next to the till. It is supposed to bring money to the area where it sits. Not really believing in a “money come dragon,” I thought it would look rather nice sitting in my veg garden and popped it onto a log. I am now a firm believer in all dragons and have moved my “money come dragon” to a far more prominent and respectful position.

Maybe I should move it to the kitchen so it can work its magic on Jane’s Delicious Kitchen?