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Green welcome home

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the October 15th, 2009

It was a blissful moment to arrive home after 24 hours of travelling and walk through my green oasis. It is always such a thrill to return home, especially being away when the season is changing. The leaves on the house were just starting to unfurl and are now a full blown blast of thick, luxurious creeper. Everything is green and lush. I think more particularly to my eye which has become used to the arid landscapes of Sicily. It is a harsh, dry mountainous terrain, especially going into their winter. Crops which flourish are prickly pears, olives and grapes. Vegetable crops were mostly growing under row covers.

I will miss the food – al dente pasta cooked with simply prepared fresh ingredients, perfect pizzas, crispy ciabattta, buffalo mozzarella, swordfish (I know I shouldn’t have, but I did, just once. . .) sun kissed tomatoes, sweet figs, waist expanding cannoli and gelato . . .mmmm

First thing I did when I arrived home was walk through the garden picking a huge bowl of lettuce, spinach, asparagus (still some left!) and broccoli. I might miss the Sicilian food – but I have also missed cooking my own.