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Owl House

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the September 2nd, 2009

We now have a pair of Spotted Eagle Owls living in the huge blue gum across the road. Last weekend we heard them hooting, which was unusual during the day. We went to look and there they were, in broad daylight, on a low branch. We grabbed our video and stills cameras to get some shots – it has been been difficult to get them at night! Suddenly Tilu spotted something at the base of the tree and I saw it was a fluffly little owlet. I stopped Tilu in her tracks and spent the next hour getting closer and closer to it, until eventually it let me touch it. The parents were sitting in the branch above, hooting away at me. I tried to reassure them that I was taking their baby to a safer place, where it wouldn’t get run over, eaten by a hungry dog/cat/street kid or worse, used for muti. But I don’t speak very good Owl so I’m not sure they understood me. The owl expert who came to pick the chick up today said they would have dive bombed me if they thought I was hurting their baby, so maybe my Owl is not too bad!

A few days later we discovered the nest – much lower than we thought. And we could see two more babies sticking their heads out to have a good look at us. They apparently spend their first few days out of the nest on the ground, hopping around and learning to fly. The nest is above the street and they will never last a few days on the ground there, so we can hopefully rescue them all.

The next book is on its way. I finished and delivered the manuscript last week. Jane’s Delicious Kitchen! However, there is still plenty of work ahead. Every recipe has to made and photographed. Coincidentally, one of our clients asked us to produce a tv commercial for them on a cook book series! So it seems that food and cook books is where I am meant to be at the moment.

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