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Warm weather

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the August 15th, 2009

And suddenly warmer weather is here. Daffodils are out and the plum tree is sprouting fat buds. The creeper which covers the house is about to unfurl. Perfect time to sow spring and summer seeds. I have a new addition to my garden – a small plastic greenhouse. It packs down into a box but once we had figured out which poles fit where and constructed it, it is high enough for me to comfortably stand inside. I put it next to my veggie garden and popped some seed trays into it. But I fear it became too hot inside as not a single seed has germinated. The joys of experimenting. I will have to move it to a cooler position for summer – but I am looking forward to growing tomatoes in winter. Anyone who has more experience of growing things in greenhouses – advice would be appreciated!

These days I am often introduced on the radio or at talks as “the organic vegetable gardening expert.” I am very quick to dispel the notion that I am an expert. I do know quite a bit about it – but the word “expert” implies that I know everything. Not a chance! What keeps me addicted to the process of gardening is the fact that I am constantly learning, discovering and exploring. I am a curious and creative person – and to find something that keeps me challenged makes me very content.