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Autumn action

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the May 20th, 2009

I much prefer this season being called Autumn than the American term Fall. Fall sounds so flat compared to Autumn. My garden is looking very full with all the brassicas getting bigger.

I am still harvesting the last of the summer beans and eggplant. Here is a bed that is full of Asian greens, onions, lettuces, chilies, parsley and marigolds – all very happy:img_1854-copy.jpg

And another couple of beds . . .



We had quite a bad hail storm a few weeks ago, unexpected at this time of year. The nasturtiums were hammered, however they protected all the cabbage seedlings that were growing underneath them. another use for this gem of a plant.

While fossicking around in my garden, I found these on the back of a rocket leaf

and despite watching it regularly, they hatched and were gone before I saw what they were.

And then I saw these two getting busy on my perennial basil!

I have been watching the basil closely because I wanted to find a pinky white crab spider. I’ve seen them before on the basil but i didn’t take a photo. Sure enough, I soon found this guy: spider.jpg

It was only when I looked at the pics on my laptop that I realised he was busy eating this caterpillar!


I have discovered a new use for my tripods. I planted broad beans around them and instead of needing a separate support for them, I just wind them up the tripod. So far so good . . .


Yum . . .

The book sells out!

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the May 1st, 2009

I arrived back from the Pietermaritzburg launch to an email from Ceri (my publisher) asking me if she could please have the changes as we need to do a reprint very soon. Ceri is a very calm person and for her this was coming close to panic! So I had to re-read the book again . . . found a couple of interesting errors which somehow had missed the fine toothcomb editing process: snails in one sentence was sails instead . . . And my recommended minimum size for a compost heap was 750 cm high! (That is nearly 8 metres – oops!!!) Of course my brain and every one else’s who had checked it, had seen it as 75 cm, which is what it should have been. But all fixed now in the next print run.

I love autumn with its crisp mornings and sunny days. I don’t have to protect myself from the sun as much as during summer and can get out into the garden at any time of the day. During summer it is way too hot after 11 to do anything. I love basking like a lizard in the sun at this time of the year – I really do stay warmer longer if I have topped up with a dose of sun during the afternoon. The brassicas love this weather too. Many Asian greens are brassicas and they are doing so well at the moment. We are eating delish nutritious salads with tat soi, bok choy, mustards and chinese cabbage leaves mixed with baby spinach and beetroot. Much heartier than just lettuce. it is also potato harvest time. Dug up a huge basket full of red potatoes and had a feast last week. The treasure hunt excitement and satisfaction of digging for potatoes is a great gardening reward.