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What a week

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the April 3rd, 2009

And so my book is officially launched. Incredible to walk into Exclusive Books and see the books piled right at the front. My book! And so many of my friends came and shared the special occasion with me. Mom flew up from Pmb for the launch and it was wonderful seeing her having such a good time. She really needed the break. That’s her next to me in the black and white.

Signing books galore . . .


With Ceri Prenter – Publisher extraordinaire!


had to make a speech . . .


Flower girl!


And then yesterday I was one of the guest authors at Jenny Cryss Williams’ book club, along with Simon Gear, who has written a book called Going Green, 365 ways to save the world.


Jenny has talked about me and my book on her show on 702 a number of times now – I know whenever she does because there is a huge spike in traffic to my website!

My Garden Angels are definitely spreading their wings

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