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Zimbabwe hope

Posted in Travels by Jane Griffiths on the March 28th, 2009

Keith and I were in Zimbabwe last week filming a documentary for a Swedish NGO. They have been implementing a drought mitigation programme aimed at smallholder farmers. We hear so much bad news about Zim that it was very uplifting to meet healthy, self sufficient farmers who are positive about their future. We travelled more than 2,000kms around the country filming the project at all the different levels. Many of the methods these farmers are being taught are the same ones I use in my garden.

Eating sadza and mealies under a cerulean African sky, sitting on the stoep of a sun baked hut, we talked about our gardens. The simple act of growing our own food linked us across culture and country. On our final day, just before driving back to Harare from Masvingo, we were detained by the Central Intelligence Organisation, Bob’s secret police. A bit scary but they let us go after a couple of hours of hassling us. The one guy, who was writing down all the details from our passports asked Keith my father’s full name. Keith, trying to remember, said “Um, Gordon, . . . something? Griffiths” He had to stifle a laugh when the guy diligently wrote down my father’s name as Gordon Something Griffiths. So I am officially (in Zimbabwe at least) the daughter of Something. The delay made us miss our flight and get home a day late. We had the full Zimbabwean experience . . .

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