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A Valie move

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the March 28th, 2009

I was in Pringle Bay last weekend for Ali’s birthday and launch of her restaurant, Perigators. We picked up a hired car at the airport when we arrived on Saturday. Being cautious Gautengers, we brought our own gorilla bar cos we knew the hire car would likely have no alarm system. Which it didn’t.

On Sunday afternoon I arrived at the party and popped the gorilla bar on the steering wheel. My book had luckily arrived in the warehouse just before we left Jo’burg, so I had a copy to give Ali. It was the first time I have given anyone a copy of my book and I wasn’t prepared for Ali’s tears of pride and joy. Then everyone wanted to look. A little while later I heard someone mention a Yarris. I had heard someone say something about a white Toyota earlier but it didn’t register. The Yarris did. Also the tone of frustration. Apparently this Yarris had been obnoxiously hooting for about half an hour. We couldn’t hear it inside because of the music but everyone outside could – very loudly. I grabbed my keys and of course it was the hired Yarris. The gorilla bar had slipped over the hooter and its horrendous noise had been blasting across gentle Pringle Bay. I didn’t say a thing about any gorilla bar when I went back to the party. I just muttered something about silly hired cars and felt like such a Valie.

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