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The truth about beans

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the January 23rd, 2009

Last weekend we visited friends who live on a smallholding north of Jhb . They have been there for 16 years and have slowly turned what was once just grass into a series of dams, with large acacias and fever trees and lots of nooks and crannies with decks and misters and other delicious things. There is also a vegetable garden. I once gave Steve a young tree tomato sapling from my garden, as a gift to his. It turned out to be a weed – which we only discovered after he nurtured it for a season or two. Oops. He has recently added tripods to his veg garden – even though he has plenty of space he decided to try my vertical ideas. His beans had been very successful he said. Both tripods were full of thick dry pods and nodding towards them he asked what else he should grow there, once he threw that lot in the compost. Well, you must harvest the beans first, I replied. He wasn’t sure what I meant. I opened a pod and showed him the dried beans inside – the bounty to be stored for a winter stew. This led to a great scurry of activity with the children helping pick all the pods which we tossed into a towel and carried back to the pool. As we sat sipping wine and shelling white and brown beans, talking about being squirrels, I realised that if Steve didn’t know about about this bean fact – then there are others out there who also don’t know. So please – if you have withered pods on your bean stalks – find your inner squirrel and store them for winter.

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