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Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the January 16th, 2009

I arrived back from four weeks in Kzn to a jungle. A delicious rambling edible feast of a jungle! Tripod towers of gemsquash dangling above, yellow bush squashes rambling into the pathway, tomatoes winding their way everywhere, monster cabbages, beans galore – yellow, purple, green and white. They have even wound their way through the fence onto the neighbour’s side. I love coming back to my garden after being away for a while. Such a sense of discovery and exploration to see what has grown. I have been busy trimming and cutting back like crazy. Lucky there is the Melville Bamboo organic market tomorrow as I have used all the trimmings to make incense and herbal salt to sell at my stand.

Tip for the day – the best way I have found to store summer squash such as patty pans, zucchini and gems, is to rub them with olive oil and place them on newspaper in a cool, shady spot. Make sure they aren’t touching one another. The skins will harden and they will keep for a couple of months. Keep checking to make sure they don’t go mouldy – if one does, toss it before it affects the others.

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