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Frog pond

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the September 1st, 2008

Most husbands give their wives flowers as a present. Mine gave me a frog. I grew up with frogs. Big loud KZN frogs. Their nightly chorus was so loud that American exchange students who stayed with us would tape them and send the recordings home to their family. So when Keith arrived home last Friday with a tiny little bumpy frog he had rescued from a pile of rubble I had to build it a pond.

I spent the rest of the day digging and hauling rocks around while my little froggie waited patiently in a nest of wet newspaper.
Waiting for pond . . .

When it was finally ready, I popped him into the water and he swam around once and then disappeared. I haven’t seen him since. I have put a wire bender frog on the edge to keep him company until I find him a froggie mate. Anybody nearby have a frog bride?


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