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Spring is here!

Posted in Garden Diary by Jane Griffiths on the August 28th, 2008

Spring is a good time to start a gardening blog. Even if I didn’t have a calender to tell me the date, the slugs and snails would have been the giveaway. While in the garden picking salad the other night (with that handy head torch I bought during all the power outs), I saw plenty of baby translucent shelled snails and a few slimy slugs too. I always feel like the grim reaper when I squash them or slice them with veg cutting scissors. If I’m in a less scything mood, they get tossed over the neighbour’s wall. He only seems to grow cats claw creeper there anyway.

In the last couple of weeks I have planted potatoes (pale cream and red skinned ones). I wish we could get interesting black and purple ones which I see in the catalogues overseas. I have also planted out tomato seedling, which I started indoors in July – bit earlier than usual, but I’m hoping we won’t have another frost. I experimented with a new transplanting mix, which included hoof and horn meal. Tilu is now convinced I have buried a cow and keeps on digging to see where it is. So I’m giving up on the hoof and horn meal – it might be good for the transplants, but being dug up certainly isn’t. I thought a five year old shepherd would be over digging?

We went down to Pietermaritzburg to visit my parents earlier this month. My 84 year old Dad, who has never shown an interest in gardening has been inspired by my book and now wants to grow organic vegetables. We used a discarded fibreglass pool pump and turned it into a raised bed for him. It is now filled with salad veggies. I hope the monkeys don’t get the lot.